Week 6 – October 20-Nov 3


For this week’s research quest I chose to look into what the post extractivism is … from my findings I now understand that post extractivism is….

A method in which people are  trying to articulate an alternative version of Latin American societies in the face of limited resources, and build within its framework the rights of nature and a new epistemic practice and understanding of “transitions towards alternatives to development ( Gudynas, 2011).
It took me a while to find the meaning of it but now that I completely understand I honestly don’t think that it is such a bad thing. They are trying to make more of the limited amount of supplies and food that they have so it can last longer.
This week in class we have been talking about constitutions and rights and bills in class. For my beyond the text this week I decided to talk about the shootings on Parliament Hill that took place today – October 22 @ 11am EST. It has been confirmed that there have been three shootings, one at The National War Memorial, another at Rideau Shopping Center and lastly at Parliament hill. I am aware that these shootings do not really tie into our class discussion but it is making major news right now and it struck me with surprise that right now in Canada there is such a low and sad feelings and emotions for what has happened. Thankfully, the Priminster and everyone in the offices on Parliament hill are all alright and are on lock down. It has also been told that today a half hour after the shootings in Ottawa, there were two bomb threats made to gas stations by females with an accent saying they would blow the place up. One of the threats was to a local gas station in Bible Hill, and the other was made in Amherst. Due to the severity of how close to home these attacks and threats are, Halifax Officials are now on standby and Province House has been shut down and on lock down, as well as any cars that are driving into the Naval Bases in the city are being stopped and searched and asking for ID. Its really scary to think that us at citizens have always lived in a peaceful country but now after many of us always thought nothing bad could ever happen this close to home is making us realize that right now its all real life and now a reality.

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