Week 5 – October 6th-13

in the last two weeks I have slowly drifted off from completing my blogs but for now I am going to speak about my book for the month of October and later talk about the research quest from two weeks ago.

The book I have been reading  is called A rough ride to the future, this book is very interesting in the sense that instead of this being another book that is telling us we need to stop doing what we as humans are doing in our world, instead if is the complete opposite, this book is telling us that we can continue what we are doing but what also we learn from this book is that the Gaia Hypothesis, borrowed from the ancient Greeks, that earth is a single organism and that we are a part of it. I am only six chapters into the book out of the ten in total, but for anyone who is interested in a book that will make you think about somethings and what we do to effect our world this is for sure something I suggest for you to read.

the general gist is this: for aeons, evolution has ticked along at its own slow and steady pace, until humanity arrived on the scene. Equipped with a large brain and agile hands, we became inventors, and the process of evolution suddenly had a new dynamic. Beginning in 1712 with the invention of the Newcomen steam engine, the rate of change on the planet shot up exponentially, and the earth would never be the same again. “The emergence of this crucial period may change the earth and its future as much as did the origin of life more than 3 billion years ago.” This change is to do with the flow of energy. ( “A Rough Ride to the Future “)  –


A rough ride to the future is probably one of my new favorite books, its almost like the words in the book jumped out to me and it made me more eager to understand more about what is actually happening in our world and what we have evolved into as humans and everything in between



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