WEEK THREE ( week of Sept. 22 )

Books I have Chosen

  • A Rough Ride To The Future – James lovelock
  • Why we love dogs, eat pigs and wear cows – Melanie Joy


Beyond the Text!

due to an illness I was not able to be in class on Monday night , and was not able to track down the powerpoint so therefore I am unable to complete my beyond the text portion of my blog


Research Quest

 protest in partnership with 350.org

protest in partnership with 350.org

This weeks research quest task involved looking into more information about the organization called 350.org using any other source other than their website. What I have learned is that this is :

“international organization encouraging people all over the world to take action and make it evident to people that if we address and publicize about the increasing levels of Carbon Dioxide this will pressure world leaders to address climate change and hopefully reduce levels from more than 385 parts per million to 350 parts per million ” wikipedia -350.org “

I love the idea of this organization and i love even more seeing pictures like the one above knowing that teens are also wanting to get involved in wanting to help make a change and take part in making a movement to get world leaders involved in taking a stand to lower our global warming rates. We in our societies today need more people like this to take a stand and help so we can make it more aware how much of a crisis our world is in if we don’t make a change now.






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