Week 2


For my Search request I have decided to Choose to read and learn about the Sister in Spirit budget cut that had occurred in 2012. This is the website that I used to learn more about exactly what was happening and now im sharing this with all of you to learn as well, http://voices-voix.ca/en/facts/profile/sisters-spirit. It is so shocking to know that according to 2010 stats that 582 aboriginal woman went missing, this is a group trying where their primary goal was to conduct research and raise awareness of the alarmingly high rates of violence against Aboriginal women and girls in Canada and the Government cut their funding? somethings not wrong their. For that reason I decided to use the symbol for the Sisters in Spirit group as my piece of art.

 SIS logo no background

Reflective Journal

I have finally come to the end of Indian Horse and it is for sure the best book that I have ever read in my entire life, and trust me I have read my fair share of books. Its amazing and still blows my mind about how you dont think that events in the book could ever happen here in Canada but sure enough they did. With that being said I am looking forward to buying The Winter We Danced and reading that this coming week. index


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