Me, Myself & I

So i’ve never had to actually do a blog before so this is defiantly something new for me. To start I guess I will just shoot some random things about myself.

I am from a small little town called Trenton which is located in Pictou County.
I am the first of three siblings to go to university.
I come off shy at first but I promise the more you get to know me the more i open up and you can see the funny side that really shows
I am minoring in sociology and my plans are to become a social worker some day and travel the world and try to help as many homeless or endangered children in third world countries that I can.
I am honestly scared for what the future holds for me, growing up we hear so many stories about how the friends you have now likely are not going to be your friends when you graduate from university, I’m more scared of losing the friends I have now due to the fact that what if someday I come across this friend who ends up having a stronger bond with me then my old friends do.

I guess what you can take from that is I don’t consider my self something out of the ordinary but I am not a huge fan of how quickly friendships can be lost and losing people in my life who have impacted me so much, rather then being opened minded and making tons of new friends that we can share stories with.




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