Week 6 – October 20-Nov 3


For this week’s research quest I chose to look into what the post extractivism is … from my findings I now understand that post extractivism is….

A method in which people are  trying to articulate an alternative version of Latin American societies in the face of limited resources, and build within its framework the rights of nature and a new epistemic practice and understanding of “transitions towards alternatives to development ( Gudynas, 2011).
It took me a while to find the meaning of it but now that I completely understand I honestly don’t think that it is such a bad thing. They are trying to make more of the limited amount of supplies and food that they have so it can last longer.
This week in class we have been talking about constitutions and rights and bills in class. For my beyond the text this week I decided to talk about the shootings on Parliament Hill that took place today – October 22 @ 11am EST. It has been confirmed that there have been three shootings, one at The National War Memorial, another at Rideau Shopping Center and lastly at Parliament hill. I am aware that these shootings do not really tie into our class discussion but it is making major news right now and it struck me with surprise that right now in Canada there is such a low and sad feelings and emotions for what has happened. Thankfully, the Priminster and everyone in the offices on Parliament hill are all alright and are on lock down. It has also been told that today a half hour after the shootings in Ottawa, there were two bomb threats made to gas stations by females with an accent saying they would blow the place up. One of the threats was to a local gas station in Bible Hill, and the other was made in Amherst. Due to the severity of how close to home these attacks and threats are, Halifax Officials are now on standby and Province House has been shut down and on lock down, as well as any cars that are driving into the Naval Bases in the city are being stopped and searched and asking for ID. Its really scary to think that us at citizens have always lived in a peaceful country but now after many of us always thought nothing bad could ever happen this close to home is making us realize that right now its all real life and now a reality.

Week 5 – October 6th-13

in the last two weeks I have slowly drifted off from completing my blogs but for now I am going to speak about my book for the month of October and later talk about the research quest from two weeks ago.

The book I have been reading  is called A rough ride to the future, this book is very interesting in the sense that instead of this being another book that is telling us we need to stop doing what we as humans are doing in our world, instead if is the complete opposite, this book is telling us that we can continue what we are doing but what also we learn from this book is that the Gaia Hypothesis, borrowed from the ancient Greeks, that earth is a single organism and that we are a part of it. I am only six chapters into the book out of the ten in total, but for anyone who is interested in a book that will make you think about somethings and what we do to effect our world this is for sure something I suggest for you to read.

the general gist is this: for aeons, evolution has ticked along at its own slow and steady pace, until humanity arrived on the scene. Equipped with a large brain and agile hands, we became inventors, and the process of evolution suddenly had a new dynamic. Beginning in 1712 with the invention of the Newcomen steam engine, the rate of change on the planet shot up exponentially, and the earth would never be the same again. “The emergence of this crucial period may change the earth and its future as much as did the origin of life more than 3 billion years ago.” This change is to do with the flow of energy. ( “A Rough Ride to the Future “)  –


A rough ride to the future is probably one of my new favorite books, its almost like the words in the book jumped out to me and it made me more eager to understand more about what is actually happening in our world and what we have evolved into as humans and everything in between


Week four :) What Is Treaty Day ???


This week’s  research quest consisted of either finding out more information about Treaty Day that is held on October 1st of every year, or we had the choice of researching Two Eyed Seeing + Dr. Alberta Marshall + Dr. Cheryl Bartlett. For me I chose something that is near and dear to my hear which is looking into more about Treaty Day.

History Month 2013

Treaty Day is a day for Mi’kmaq First Nations all around the province get together to celebrate on October 1st every year. In doing this they celebrate the recognition of the treaties being signed between the British Empire and the First Nations. This day is very important to First Nations people all over the province and I know this on a personal experience, I have very close friends who are First Nations that enlighten me on how important Treaty day is to their beliefs, Other than Pow Wows , Treaty day is another day that everyone gets together to celebrate and gift give.

In 1986, the then Grand Chief Donald Marshall Sr. proclaimed every October 1st as Treaty Day. It commemorates the key role of treaties in the relationship between the Nova Scotia Mi’kmaq and the Crown. The annual ceremony reaffirms the historic presence of the Mi’kmaq who have occupied the land for thousands of years. The Mi’kmaq Nation and the crown also exchange gifts to mark each October 1st.

The Treaty tried to make all the problems go away but it didn’t always work. The chief welcomed the newcomers with open arms, but they thought the Mi’kmaq culture was silly and foolish.  But now in the future they’ve learned to respect the First Nations People.  Today we have museums to remind us about the Mi’kmaq and Europeans.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPQQ54v2Wl0    – just a sneak peak into Treaty Day 2014

Resources used : http://mikmaqhistorymonth.com/treaty-day/


During this week’s class we had the honor of listening to Dr. Julian come in to our class and telling us sooo many interesting stories and having him answer all of our questions about Idle No More,  as well as missing aboriginal woman. Some of the things that interested me the most was  that in the last 11 years Mi’kmaq  and the government have been discussing what rights/titles Mi’kmaq have in Canada, but what is really shocking 40 % still speak Mi’kmaq and 60 % do not, The reason being is that during Residential schools the First Nations were assimilated not to speak there language but rather to speak English.

WEEK THREE ( week of Sept. 22 )

Books I have Chosen

  • A Rough Ride To The Future – James lovelock
  • Why we love dogs, eat pigs and wear cows – Melanie Joy


Beyond the Text!

due to an illness I was not able to be in class on Monday night , and was not able to track down the powerpoint so therefore I am unable to complete my beyond the text portion of my blog


Research Quest

 protest in partnership with 350.org

protest in partnership with 350.org

This weeks research quest task involved looking into more information about the organization called 350.org using any other source other than their website. What I have learned is that this is :

“international organization encouraging people all over the world to take action and make it evident to people that if we address and publicize about the increasing levels of Carbon Dioxide this will pressure world leaders to address climate change and hopefully reduce levels from more than 385 parts per million to 350 parts per million ” wikipedia -350.org “

I love the idea of this organization and i love even more seeing pictures like the one above knowing that teens are also wanting to get involved in wanting to help make a change and take part in making a movement to get world leaders involved in taking a stand to lower our global warming rates. We in our societies today need more people like this to take a stand and help so we can make it more aware how much of a crisis our world is in if we don’t make a change now.





Week 2


For my Search request I have decided to Choose to read and learn about the Sister in Spirit budget cut that had occurred in 2012. This is the website that I used to learn more about exactly what was happening and now im sharing this with all of you to learn as well, http://voices-voix.ca/en/facts/profile/sisters-spirit. It is so shocking to know that according to 2010 stats that 582 aboriginal woman went missing, this is a group trying where their primary goal was to conduct research and raise awareness of the alarmingly high rates of violence against Aboriginal women and girls in Canada and the Government cut their funding? somethings not wrong their. For that reason I decided to use the symbol for the Sisters in Spirit group as my piece of art.

 SIS logo no background

Reflective Journal

I have finally come to the end of Indian Horse and it is for sure the best book that I have ever read in my entire life, and trust me I have read my fair share of books. Its amazing and still blows my mind about how you dont think that events in the book could ever happen here in Canada but sure enough they did. With that being said I am looking forward to buying The Winter We Danced and reading that this coming week. index

First search request

For my Political science class I have been given the task to find out exactly what happened at Elsipogtog, New Brunswick last year. With that I believe that this website/ blog is the best one out their describing what happened http://rabble.ca/blogs/bloggers/apihtawikosisan/2013/10/everything-you-need-to-know-about-elsipogtog. its absolutely heart breaking finding out first hand from a friend of mine who was there himself with his cousins from the First  Nations reserve from home in Pictou county.  I have been able to find a video from one day at Elsipogotog, Pardon the language but the girl who is screaming in the video is one of the many First Nations from home to go.

As well as , i have started reading our months discussion book which is called Indian Horse by Richard Wagamese and to be honest i havent put it down yet. This author has a way of writing such powerful words filled with beautiful imagery that makes you inclined to read more and more and more.

For sure a book to put on to your reading list!


Me, Myself & I

So i’ve never had to actually do a blog before so this is defiantly something new for me. To start I guess I will just shoot some random things about myself.

I am from a small little town called Trenton which is located in Pictou County.
I am the first of three siblings to go to university.
I come off shy at first but I promise the more you get to know me the more i open up and you can see the funny side that really shows
I am minoring in sociology and my plans are to become a social worker some day and travel the world and try to help as many homeless or endangered children in third world countries that I can.
I am honestly scared for what the future holds for me, growing up we hear so many stories about how the friends you have now likely are not going to be your friends when you graduate from university, I’m more scared of losing the friends I have now due to the fact that what if someday I come across this friend who ends up having a stronger bond with me then my old friends do.

I guess what you can take from that is I don’t consider my self something out of the ordinary but I am not a huge fan of how quickly friendships can be lost and losing people in my life who have impacted me so much, rather then being opened minded and making tons of new friends that we can share stories with.